Power of Three Magical Words I’M WITH YOU!


We often find ourselves in conditions which we are unable to control. We feel trapped and suffocated not knowing where to go, what to do and whose help to seek. In such tough conditions, if we get a little support from anyone we feel so thankful to that person. There’s a magic in hearing such soothing and consoling words as ‘Dont’ worry, everything will be okay, I’m with you!’ I have dedicated a short poem to these 3 Magical words, no not I love you but I’m with you! Going through the poem you’ll appreciate the value of these underestimated powerful words!


When your friend is sad and lonely, knowing not what to do;

When his heart is broken and his world has been shattered’

When there’s no one he can look up to for love and comfort,

Go put your hand on your his shoulders, hug him tightly and just say the 3 Magical Words- I’m With You!

Your 3 words is all it takes to make him feel loved and cared for!

When your child feels nervous and scared to try a new adventure in his life,

When he feels he just can’t do it, he loses his heart and hope,

Smile at him and tell him lovingly, I’m with You!

You’ll see how high your child flies with the confidence instilled by you in him with your 3 Magical words!

When your spouse is depressed and things are going against him,

When he feels lost and confused, when all he can see is darkness all around him;

Be his rainbow, be his sunshine tell him nothing can go wrong as I’m With You!

When a student is feeling down and out, drained of all his energy and positivity,

A teacher can make him believe in himself once again by being on his side and just saying the 3 magical words- I’m With You.

Believe me, this is all we want to hear from our loved ones- I’m With You!

All you beautiful and truly wonderful women out there always remember even if there’s no one else in your life who will say this to you, I will always say this to you all-

I’m With You!!!

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