Sarah Prout The Domestic Violence Survivor Who Changed Her Own Life and Now Changing Others’

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Sarah Prout is on a mission is to inspire women to manifest a blissful, magical, conscious and vibrantly illuminated life of health, wealth and LOVE. She gives us a message that ‘the time is NOW to believe that we create our own reality and control our destiny. She tries to show us how to begin our transformational journey to true abundance. She does it by sharing how she went from living below the poverty line to creating a million dollar business! He story from being an abuse survivor to the one who created her own destiny is an inspiration for all those women who are stuck in an abusive relationship.

Sarah Prout has authored ‘Dear Universe’ – a widely selling book. She is also a popular motivational speaker, podcast host, creative director of Soul Space Media and mother of four beautiful kids. Sarah was given the title of a “Manifestation Guru” by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Sarah Prout’s special, genuine and practical approach to life problems and business challenges have been the foundation for her spectacular success.

Sarah has a beautiful message to share with the world— ‘that you create your life through your connection to The Universe and embracing your feelings’ Her message has inspired millions of men and women across the world to transform their lives.

Early Life

Sarah Prout was born in New Zealand, brought up in Australia, and currently lives in Las Vegas. There was a lot of arguing between her parents over money. She was the first child her mother kept; her mom gave away her first 2 children for adoption. Her mom was emotionally shattered so she didn’t know how to really deal effectively with Sarah’s sister or her.

Though Sarah was not beaten, she felt neglected. Her parents were busy fighting with each other. So Sarah never knew what a normal caring relationship looked like, and it was responsible for what happened later on in her life. She made many boyfriends all of whom treated her badly; they had little respect for her. She remembers one boy told her quite clearly when she was just 15, ‘All I need from you is your body’ that made her realize early in life for what boys look for.

Abusive Marriage

Sarah met her husband when she was just 19. He was 11 years and 11 months older than her. They met in an art gallery, he meditated regularly and that caught her attention. Sarah Prout realized later on that she changed her real self to gain his approval. Apart from being in a relationship with this guy, her only other choice at the time was to go back to her parent’s household where she witnessed neglect and constant fighting. She wanted financial security in life and to explore herself. So, she said yes when he asked her for marriage. Very soon, she realized it was not the kind of marriage she was expecting. Domestic violence started and suffered it all not knowing what to do. Whenever they had arguments he would slap her face to calm her down. She thought, “This isn’t the worst thing in the world, let’s just keep moving forward.” Eight weeks later she got pregnant with her son. The abuse escalated, she was about 4 weeks pregnant, and they had an argument. Her husband chased her around the house. She hid into the bathroom he entered the bathroom and slammed her up against the towel rail. He started to beat her as hard as he could with a clenched fist. She pleaded with the Universe to not let her baby get hurt. He hit parts of her body where the wounds wouldn’t be visible. Despite all this, she continued with her marriage with all this violence. She was 21 and felt she had no other choice. This was one of the most eye-opening experiences she had with physical and emotional abuse.

Sarah Prout/Facebook

In the total 10 years that we were married, there were over 40 physical assaults. I never called the police nor told my parents. “

Sarah Prout

A New Beginning

When Sarah Prout finally mustered the courage to leave her 10-year abusive relationship, she had over $30,000 debt, two suitcases, and two little kids. There were days they had nothing to eat, but the sense of freedom felt awesome! She began to use the Law of Attraction and believed beyond what one could see even though she was living below the poverty line. She trusted if she hoped for amazing things to happen in her life, soon life would actually change. The Universe really started to respond to her bravery and desire for empowerment very soon.

My abuse story has helped millions of people around the world and it’s my passion to bring healing to others.

Sarah Prout

Finding True Love & Transformation

Sarah Prout met her real love on Twitter and her life started to change after years of low self-esteem, loveless relationship and financial struggles. Soon, they got married and now Sarah is blissfully married to her soulmate. They are the co-founders of Soul Space Media. They live affluent life in Las Vegas and have a beautiful baby girl after suffering 5 miscarriages and being warned by doctors that it would be impossible to give birth to a baby. Miracles kept happening and Sarah believes they happened because she set powerful intentions and trusted that she was worthy.

Sarah Prout/Facebook

Sarah Prout’s story is of a great and unimaginable transformation from an abusive marriage to a blessed marriage; from living below the poverty line to living a millionaire’s life; from being hopeless to spreading joy and hopes. Sarah was willing to take risks and they paid off. She trusted her own instincts and the Universe. She has become the best version of herself and inspires others to be the same. Sarah’s life story proves how fruitful it can be to face our fears and chase our dreams. As a motivational public speaker inspiring people to create a life of their dreams just as she herself did, Sarah says:

“My mission is to empower you to create a life of your wildest dreams.”

Love you Sarah. Keep shining and keep inspiring!

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  • somika 4 years ago Reply

    These stories inspires us as a women to fight against all wrong doings. we are capable of so much we need to just have faith in our capabilities.

  • Melissa 4 years ago Reply

    Great post and site. I too lived in an abusive relationship and much like you, was able to free myself of that horrible life. Not everyone understands abuse comes in many forms and while external bruises were not evident the bruises on my soul were. O one should make another person feel fear in a relationship because that is not a healthy relationship. Thanks for helping others who suffer and sometimes in silence.

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