Self Acceptance is the Key: Tabassum Sayed Dafedar


Hey wonderful people out there, writing my journey here in order to inspire those who have fear of Rejection.

Well let me give you a brief intro about me, My name is Tabassum Sayed Dafedar currently I’m the Managing Director of DumpBox Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., and the Founder of KAHAANI THE UNTOLD STORIES, apart from living my dream of being a Women Entrepreneur, I also satisfy my art by giving it a touch of Life. Well I say I’m a blessed soul to be able to do a lot in life, from being a sketch artist to being a writer and a standup Hindi poet, I’m someone who doesn’t compromise with art. To add a little more, I’m a host of Chat Show CHAT WITH TABASSUM, I have been mentoring youths on the importance of Life and Career, been an active guide for aspiring women entrepreneurs, well this seems so exciting and colorful, to go back on a journey, let me share a few insights,

To begin with, I say I’m the most rejected human one can ever be, dreams where a part of my heartbeat, since I have been able to feel the life I have been dreaming of becoming a woman entrepreneur, but the soul in me wasn’t that confident to narrate the story of my future, the reason was being rejected in every corner of my Life, Rejected in everything I did, Rejected Rejected Rejected a hard insult to life has kicked deep inside to the root of my HONESTY.

To mention incidents can take hours to explain,, let us cut short, there was a time in my life when I had to decide if I’m going to live my dream or ill be a dream forever in my thoughts, it was holding my SSLC result, decided to walk straight away to the path where I’m supposed to belong to, the journey was not an easy task, yet did a little bit adding to it, it all came from rejecting the rejections of society to accepting one’s birth, this was a game changing moment for me. The day I accepted ME, was the day I started performing, rejections continued but my performance never took a break, while I peep back into those old days, I realize how important it is for the one to accept the soul to fulfill once dream or to live a life we always wish too.

Let me mention you one important part of my life, I belong to a Muslim Family yes not the typical one but yes the one who is a sound personality who believe in education and self-reliable no matter what gender they belong to, from education to career to marriages who follows the path of the timely effect of life roles, I’m the only person and a woman to choose a completely opposite path, which has no secured plans but struggle all the way, yes nobody liked it but yes nobody judged either, as we have the freedom to think and freedom to live, they thought I’ll be back on the path they follow after a little struggle, but sadly to their notice I’m here living all my dreams every single day with pride, yes they are proud today to talk about me to our so-called society who has these typical questions to ask, (Kitna kamaati hai, Paisa gharko deti hai, Shaadi kab karega, koi ladke ka chakkar hai kya, Ye sab karke kya milega,,,,, a never ending questions) What has been the most powerful weapon in my journey so far?

A question to ask isn’t it, well let me give you an insight into my strength 3 paths I strongly take a ride HONESTY a lesson was given by my DAD NEVER Quit a thought shared by my MUM A SMILING FACE self analyze, the only way of killing Negatives Stress Boredom and Rejections of course I believe in ME and I’m a strong believer of ALLAH nothing can change the fact, WE ARE BORN TO FLY.

To all the women out there, you will be Frozen, Killed, Screwed, Taunted, Pained, but it’s on you how to carve your life, it’s you who write the History, so be WISE At the end I have something for all the women out there, be proud after watching this kahaani.

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