Spare Me I am a Child…

child abuse

Child abuse is an ugly reality of our society. We never want our child to suffer from this disturbing reality ever. But if anyone ever goes through anything like sexual abuse at a young age, it leaves a deep scar on his mind for lifelong. Here’s a poem dedicated to all the survivors of child abuse. I hope it also alerts the parents and makes them more vigilant towards their kids. Keep your kids safe.

I trusted him immensely,

He was like a father-figure to me,

I respected and loved him so much!

He showered me with gifts and chocolates.

We played many games.

One day we played ‘hide and seek’, I hid and he sought,

When he caught me, I don’t know why he did not leave me?

He touched me in way I had never been touched…

I cried in pain, I felt ashamed…

I begged him to leave me, he did not!

In that one moment suddenly my beloved uncle turned into a monster!

I felt scared of him!

I never wanted to be alone with him…

He threatened me to keep ‘the game’ a secret or I will face consequences…

I suffered alone…

Didn’t dare to share my pain with anyone…

Years later, I realized ‘It was Not My Fault’! 

What he did was wrong, the person who did it was wrong but not Me!

There are many like me who suffer in silence…

But enough is enough!!

I am not going to take this shit anymore that I should keep quiet!

I will raise my voice for myself and millions like me out there!

Beware ‘uncles’ spare the children coz now they will not be silent!

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