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domestic violence

Domestic violence is one of the most common crimes prevalent against women worldwide. It is based on the male ego that women are weaker than men. It breaks my heart to see women who sacrifice their identity, their freedom, and their entire lives to make a relationship successful get treated like this by men. I have dedicated a poem to all the brave survivors of domestic violence to make them feel how strong they are and that their life is as important as of anyone else. Here is the poem:

Speak Up For Yourself

I still remember the day,

The day when I fell in love with you,

We decided to stay together for the rest of our lives,

You promised to love me and keep me  protected forever,

Soon, we entered the beautiful bond of marriage based on mutual RESPECT and Care for each other,

I thought I had a fairy-tale life,

All my dreams came true…

But soon you started treating me like I am a piece of furniture owned by you!

You started using me as a punching bag,

Whenever angry, you punched me, kicked me, hit me!

I tolerated all the shit as I still loved you and believed you when you said sorry!

Yes, I admit I was stupid to forgive you but it was the fault of a heart full of love for you.

When we got our little angels the abuse not ended but escalated I kept mum to give my kids a complete family,

I did not want to deprive them of their daddy’s love,

It kept going on and on unless I saw scared faces of my kids,

I realized how wrong I have been to keep forgiving you,

To keep letting you Disrespect me, hurt me and objectify me,

I decided to come out of my ‘hellish comfort zone’ and explore my ‘dreaded freedom’

Believe me, the step I feared so much to take was worth it

I created my own little heaven with my angels in my arms,

The peace and happiness made me realize one needs to break free from the abusive relationship as soon as one can,

The base of marriage must be Mutual Respect and if it shatters don’t be scared to shatter the limits binding you!

Be a fighter, a survivor and a winner!

Stand up for yourself, speak up for yourself!Say No to Domestic violence! 

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