Stamped Sealed but Unsent: Nilshree Damani


….because somethings are destined to happen!One day I was browsing through Facebook, and I came across a post from my dear friend Sashwati, which was all about making fellow women feel happy and good about themselves! After reading comments on that post, a thought kept lingering on. If one post can have such a catalyst effect, then why not create a forever memory??!!

We women talk about being content and self confident all the time, but there is any who doesn’t have unsaid emotions or feelings buried in their subconscious mind. So, how about making them write those in the form of letters and deliver it to the whole world. We have always heard when women come together and support each other, incredible things happen. Thus, the thought of bringing some amazingly talented women together for a cause struck.The theme of this Anthology is letters for two simple yet beautiful reasons. Letters emote in a way like nothing can,however the art of letter writing has become an extinct mode of communication with the technology replacing almost everything. Letters have their own charm, right?

After communicating the idea, everyone readily agreed to be a part of the dream project and we gradually started marching towards one goal. A goal to write our hearts out, a goal to splash our emotions on paper! This team has been a wonder team, a dream team to work with. Few of them well seasoned writers, some beginners like me, and some who are good at basic skill of writing but not confident to be published. Women from all walks of life, different geographical locations, totally strangers in the start and now connected deeply through heart , showcasing the best of what they can imagine, create and feel!

Continuous brainstorming and all the efforts to present the book in best possible way was the only intent everyone had! The other fact that makes this book all the more special is that , this is a totally self made product. Zero finances involved, no outsourcing, whatsoever ,no professional help taken.Each one stepped ahead and took up the responsibility of the thing they are best at and there was no second thought or doubting to anyone’s intentions. The process was absolutely seamless; everyone respected the deadline and submitted their respective contributions well within time.

This helped us release book on International Women’s Day as per the plan.Since the book is going to release on Women’s Day and all the authors being women; there would be an impression of this book being a total feminist in its approach. I would say, NO. These are a bunch of heartfelt letters, they include almost every emotion; love, romance, fantasy, gratitude, regret, humor, etc.It is always the process that makes anything memorable. Same is the case here. Right from the title to the cover, from promotional activity to social media engagement, everything was unanimously decided after a lot of discussion at every single step.

We have tried our level best to work upon every detail from reader’s point of view, and hence we are also working to make this book available to maximum readers so that they get inspired and write their unsaid or unexpressed feelings! On that note, I would like to ask you a question to conclude: When was the last time you wrote a letter?

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