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As I was browsing my Facebook messenger for any new messages I got one message from InspireMe that just made my day! I have been nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award 2018. I m really on cloud nine!


The Sunshine Award is given to a blogger by another blogger who they find inspiring. They are recognized as creative, positive, and inspiring to others in the blogosphere! I m so grateful for my fellow blogger. I was overwhelmed to know that my passion was doing some good in someone else’s life. Motivational real life stories of women around us is what I love to read and write. I hope you all enjoy reading them and get inspired from them to dream more, achieve more and give more to the world! It makes me feel I m doing something for my fellow women.


Thank you InspireMe for valuing my work and giving me this award, which I gladly accept! While I accept this award I have to answer a list of questions and reveal some of my secrets to my readers! Everyone loves hearing secrets, right? Let’s see what InspireMe hit me with!

1. What is your name and its meaning?

My name is Deeksha. I love my name! It means preparation or consecration for a religious ceremony”, is giving of a mantra or an initiation by the guru (in Guru–shishya tradition) of Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Diksa is given in a one-to-one ceremony, and typically includes the taking on of a serious spiritual discipline. The word is derived from the Sanskrit root  (“to give”) plus kṣi (“to destroy”) or alternately from the verb root dīkṣ (“to consecrate”). When the mind of the guru and the disciple become one, then we say that the disciple has been initiated by the guru.

2. What is the best way to cheer you up when sad?

Whenever I’m sad I chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra. It gives me immense peace and satisfaction. I also love playing with my toddler daughter as her smile cools me down and bring out the child in me.

3. What is your life motto?

I aim to bring smile on faces of women around me. I want to make them feel their worth. I want to make all those women even more famous and popular who are making a difference to the world by their unique efforts. And by spreading their motivational stories I want to encourage other women to feel themselves powerful enough to change their own lives.

4. What is your favorite childhood memory?

My mom (who is no more in this world 🙁 ) hugging and kissing me is my favourite childhood memory. I miss her everyday!

5. If you discovered a new planet what would you name it?

If I discovered a new planet I would love to name it WonderfulWomen and dedicate it to all women!

6. What does your dream life look like to you?

My dream life is where I’m completely free to do all that I want to do. No restrictions, No compulsions, Nothing to worry!

7. If you could be the best at anything in the world, what would it be?

I would love to be the best Mom and the best Blogger in the world!!

8. How do you spend your free time?

I love blogging and playing with my daughter in my free time!

9. If money were not an object where would your plane be headed right now?

Would love to travel all of Europe and US!

10. Who is someone you look up to and why?

I will always look up to my Mom  as my role model for being an extremely strong, hard working and confident lady.

11. What was your greatest life lesson?

My life’s greatest lesson was when I saw my mom dying with cardiac arrest that life can end anytime so live it the way you want to and do something for the society so that you feel contended that you did something meaningful in life.


WonderfulWomen Nominates the Following Bloggers For The Sunshine Blogger Award 2018:




1. What is the name of your blog and why did you name it so?

2. How do you chill?

3. What is the aim of your life?

4. What do you love the most about your childhood?

5. If you had to settle in a new country which would it be?

6. What luxuries do you dream of in your life?

7. If you were Prime Minister of your country for 1 day what 1 rule you would like to implement?

8. What is the value of friends in your life?

9. If you had lots of money how would you like to spend it?

10. Who is your favorite person?

11. Which is your favorite quote on life?

Thank you Sunshine for taking the time to join me in my little corner of the world. I hope remain sunny, loving, and giving as you are. Hope to see you again soon!



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Comments (6)

  • Channon Gray 5 years ago Reply

    Congrats on the nomination!

  • vitamin d function 5 years ago Reply

    Woah this particular blog page will be excellent i like reading your site content. Be within the beneficial pictures! You’re sure, plenty of men and women are seeking all-around for this facts, you may assist them significantly.. vitamin d function

  • Sukriti 5 years ago Reply

    Congrats ….all the questions have been answered beautifully…way to go.

  • Sukriti 5 years ago Reply

    Congrats ….all the questions have been answered beautifully…way to go.

  • Kim 5 years ago Reply

    Wow what an honor! congratulations!

  • Terez 5 years ago Reply

    Loved reading this post and learning more about you! Reading your answers were a lovely way to get to know you more deeply. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your award!

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