‘The Actual Competition is with You Stop Making Others Your Benchmarks’ Author Ayushi Singh


Ayushi Singh is an Indian Author, Public Speaker, Software Engineer, and Vocalist. She loves writing ‘Psychological Thrillers’. Her recent publication – ‘Child of True Lovers’ has been highly appreciated by Padma Shree Satya Prakash ( Space Scientist and Mentor of Late APJ Kalam)! An introvert child who took escape in writing diary, Ayushi is now living her dream of being a changemaker by being a renowned author and a public speaker. Read her inspiring story in her own words here.

I am Ayushi-My Journey from Childhood to Now!

I am a totally different personality from what I was in my childhood and the best part is today I am what I always wanted to be. I was known for my introvert, confused and easily getting upset personality traits. But then I was tasting life and wondering what it was like. Now I am well aware of my next steps. This risk- taking attitude is very helpful at times. Experiences taught me well!

The Turning Point of my Life

I started writing when I was thirteen. Since I was an introvert person, I never used to discuss my observations about life with my parents or anyone. My diary came to rescue and listened to me whole heartedly. I have been writing stories, poems and articles in various magazines and newspapers, however my work was first published on January 22, 2017.’In the Canopy of Life‘, brought a drastic change in my life. All I wanted to say now is… I am living in the future which I always dreamt of. I will not live forever but I will never die as I will be breathing in some faded pages…forever!

Talent is born but…

I agree…that talent is born but should not be taken for granted. With practice and knowledge, you can put in your best efforts. As we all know it’s the game of expressions and for a painter, speaker, singer, dancer (or any artist) if you cannot connect with your audience…it’s a waste. My audience are readers and listeners from different backgrounds. From a school student to a professional practicing for more than 20 years. After my events and workshops all they said was – ‘You changed my life because you changed the way of how I perceived things’. Being a academician of Human Psychology, I try to enter the life of the individual, understand them and then explain them. Each one is different and before explaining them, we need to understand them. Their love and support is my energy booster which motivates me to LIVE another day with more strength and positivity.

My Role Model

My father, Mr. Anai Pratap Singh is my MENTOR, TEACHER and GUIDE in all…my role

model. Though he is not renowned in this field, however I am extremely inspired by his thought process! He is not a writer by profession however an artist at heart. A very strong personality when comes to tackle odd situations of life. I always wanted to be appreciated by him but believe me…it’s a tough job!

Message for Society

I want people in society to get aware of the mental diseases which is going to be very prominent in upcoming days. It starts from depression, migraine and goes on to hypertension, schizophrenia etc. These

are fatal. I want to help individuals to tackle these situations in a better way. Know your body and you brain then opt for a solution. Past works and my upcoming projects.

Canopy of Life

Canopy of life is my first publication. The content of this book is a compilation of poems and stories in Hindi and in the English

Language. It cannot be categorised under any particular genre as it is versatile and possess

articles from the different aspect of life. Words of a struggling teenager boy, A love story with

incredible sacrifices, A letter by a bride to groom, A message by the Almighty to humanity, A story of worthy friendship, and an ode to dreams. Some prose are rhythmic others are sporadic. It’s a small gift to humanity with the motive to extend in many other versions.

Child of True Lovers

Child of True Lovers is my most recent publication. This book is about a girl who suffers from a rare disease, Schizophrenia. For a long time, doctors were not able to diagnose it, as a result, she suffered for long. Along with

Schizophrenia, she was also the patient of Precognitive Dreaming due to which she was unable to distinguish between dreams and reality. Precognitive dreams are considered as pseudoscience as it negates the Principle of

Causality. Many scientists are still researching on this topic and hence there is no proper medication for the same.

My upcoming projects are related to fictional work involving social reforms or a kind of a friendly gesture to Pakistan, our neighboring country.

A Message to ALL!

Pursue your passion and don’t leave anything incomplete in your life, be it any task, project,

communication, relationship, commitment or promise. Otherwise, in the end…you will blame God, Luck, World and your Family. Yes…I was defeated many times, but my screams were not driven by PAIN but POWER!

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