The Awe-Inspiring Story of Gauri Sawant, the Trans-Gender ‘Mommy’

The Awe-Inspiring Story of Gauri Sawant, the Trans-Gender ‘Mommy’


Gauri Sawant was born as Ganesh a boy in the family of a Police officer.  Her mother didn’t want Gauri at all. “She didn’t want me to come into this world, and even tried to get an abortion in the seventh month. But the doctor told her that this baby was now so evolved and strong that one couldn’t destroy her even if she were slammed against a wall. It was into such yes-and-no back-and-forth circumstances that I was born, so I also turned out with an equally confused gender identity,” she narrates. Her mother passed away when she was just 5. Her father always considered her a burden and shame to himself. She did not get love and support from her family.  She decided not to change herself to match her sex, but to change her lifestyle to match her identity. Gauri resolved not to be deterred by her social status in India, and resolved to be a mother to family-less children, to ensure no one meets a fate like hers.

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In her childhood Gauri was no different from other children. She was as normal as anyone of us. As she grew up, she started understanding that she was not like the others. After her mother’s death, she was not cared for by anyone.

“There was no one to give me attention, to worry about me when I was late from school, or not doing my homework. Because my antics were effeminate, my father, a policeman who belongs to a very macho profession, was slightly embarrassed of me, and was convinced that I would bring shame to the family name someday. He kept his distance since then, and didn’t love me enough,” Gauri Sawant

In spite of being rejected by not only her family, but by the world as well, she openly accepted her identity and never tried to hold herself back.

At the age of 17, Gauri left her home, family, and her city, everything except her identity.

“I had 60 bucks, and knew that a train comes from Chinchwaad that passes through Pune and drops us to Dadar in Mumbai.”
The Awe-Inspiring Story of Gauri Sawant, the Trans-Gender ‘Mommy’


In Mumbai she had a friend, a gay-turned-trans sex worker, who agreed to give her shelter for three or four days. “I wasn’t pretty or fair enough to get into sex work, so she never offered me a gig there. But she fed me and cared for me, and later, I was introduced to Humsafar Trust (one of the oldest LGBTQ organisations in India). By the grace of god, I never had to beg,” tells Gauri.Gauri earned Rs 1,500 a month. Since Gauri speaks fluently and confidentally with great diction, so, she was deployed to the communications and outreach team—to motivate and advise people facing identity crisis to accept themselves and their true identities.

Gauri Sawant worked with a lot of people, and spread awareness about STDs. She also encouraged sex workers to get tested including her adopted daughter Gayatri’s birth-mother, an HIV-positive sex worker.

The Awe-Inspiring Story of Gauri Sawant, the Trans-Gender 'Mommy'


Gayatri’s mother eventually died of AIDS when Gayatri was only five. After her mother’s death Gauri Sawant heard of selling Gayatri off  as sex worker in Sonagachi.

“I was strongly against that. At that time, I did not know that I would become a mother, that I would raise her and be narrating my story one day. I just knew that this little, motherless, vulnerable girl needed protection and care,” she says. Gauri has sent Gayatri, now 17, to a boarding school for her education. “Gayatri is a strong, independent-minded girl who is in a position to help others. The life ahead of her is full of opportunities that were once denied to her,” Gauri Sawant
The Awe-Inspiring Story of Gauri Sawant, the Trans-Gender ‘Mommy’


Gauri Sawant’s Dream Project Nani Ka Ghar

Gauri Sawant has a dream project called Nani ka Ghar (Grand mom’s home) which has become Gauri’s purpose in life. She is dedicating all her efforts to make a safe haven for children of sex workers a reality. She believes she can provide a secure future and better opportunities to these children by providing them with love, affection, safety, healthcare, and education, helping them live a dignified life. Nani ka Ghar will be constructed away from the city, away from the shackles of the life the children are born into.

The Awe-Inspiring Story of Gauri Sawant, the Trans-Gender ‘Mommy’


Sure, Gauri Sawant isn’t a ‘woman’ biologically but her spirit is truly that of a woman and it can’t be denied that by adopting a motherless girl of a sex worker and giving her all the love and care of a real mother she has proved herself a Wonderful Woman! WonderfulWomen wishes her a bright future with all her dreams coming true!

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Comments (13)

  • Tammy Bronfen 3 years ago Reply

    What an amazing and inspirational story! Going against all odds and doing what is true for you, and helping others along the way. Really incredible!

  • Jennifer Prince 3 years ago Reply

    Interesting. I can’t say that I understand people that go through this in feeling another gender, but kudos for still doing the best in life.

  • Catalina Nini 3 years ago Reply

    This is such an inspirational post and I love when bloggers chose to make a change and share this kind of stories. It’s so important that we are all open minded and supportive. ???

  • David Allen Elliott 3 years ago Reply

    It’s so great she reached out to the unloved in society and worked to show that they were loved too. It’s so important to know you aren’t alone in the world. And it’s beautiful she is doing this for others.
    David Allen Elliott recently posted…The Single Dad’s Guide To Fake News: Star Wars EditionMy Profile

  • Stephanie 3 years ago Reply

    Such an inspirational story, so very brave but staying true to herself
    Stephanie recently posted…Get Smart About The Smart Home – Smart Home House TourMy Profile

  • Dee 3 years ago Reply

    Wow amazing story , I love it. I hope other women are as strong as your protagonist

  • Ana Ojha 3 years ago Reply

    What an inspiring story! Gauri sounds to have a dynamic persona and she is so brave to fight against all the hurdles in her life and changing the beliefs of society. Good luck with her project!

  • Patrice 3 years ago Reply

    Very inspiring read, really enjoyed hearing about this story. Also love the pictures you you use xoxo

    Patrice x

  • John Sallie 3 years ago Reply

    Wow. What an amazing woman. That is true conviction and courage. If I was her father I would be damn proud to call her daughter.

  • Elizabeth O 3 years ago Reply

    This is such an inspiring story, she is a very brave lady indeed and I do hope she gets everything she wants in life.

  • Iya - Louisa 3 years ago Reply

    This is amazing I honestly love how inspirational and wonderful she is! I have a few trans friends and I feel like this does not affected any of your abilities especially when it comes to parenting.

  • Catvills 3 years ago Reply

    Love rules. This is clearly written that regardless of your sexuality, we are all capable of loving and caring for others. Gauri is one amazing person to be able to endure all those hardships early in life and came out strong and willing to help others who face the same or similar situation she was in when she was young.

  • Kate Andrews 3 years ago Reply

    This is really inspiring. I can only imagine how tough this decision was for her to make. So brave.
    Kate Andrews recently posted…Tea for TwoMy Profile

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