The Inspiring Vegan Animal Activist: Mahi Priyanka Kolvekar


Mahi Priyanka Kolvekar’s Story

An Animal activist is someone who believes in the fact, that animal does deserve justice and anything that exploits their rights, such as animal testing, factory farming, or any other mistreatment of animals should be opposed. Mahi Priyanka Kolvekar, an animal activist from the past 5 years has shared her story with WonderfulWoman to inspire more and more people. 

Mahi got trained from India’s best NGO for “Animals animal aid Udaipur Rajasthan” and is a certified first aid student from animal aid Udaipur Rajasthan and now she is a secretary at PFA ( people for animals) Hubli. Her achievements are so huge that even if I kept writing, they won’t end. Well, as you know there are lots of people who act as major waves or hindrances in the animal rights fight and Mahi fought all these things and now stands for Animals. She has rescued 500+ animals and adding on to this number. Not only this, but she also feeds 50 plus stray animals daily. How blissful it is to see, someone of this sort. Isn’t it so good to see someone fighting for animal rights and dedicating such hard work just for them? Adding a lot of respect to this is the fact that she is rescuing, feeding, treating animals all on self-funding and expenses. Fighting for rights of animals and nature to balance ecosystem and ethics, she is covering up the major cities for rescues all alone including Hubli, Dharwad, Gokarna, and nearby places.

When asked about her aim and what else she wants to add up in her already achieved victory, she says, “I want to bring more facilities for animals in terms of their living and survival. I have been encouraging the adoption of Indian breeds and now I want to educate people about the good relationship between animals, the environment, and humans. I want to make a better place for animals on earth as they are least valued creature’s on earth with equal rights and balancing ecosystem for better tomorrow.”

In 2020 alone, she has been feeding 250+ stray animals per day and this number goes high based on the conditions. She does everything that could help animals in some way or another. From treating the injured sick stray animals especially the stray dogs and cats and cattle to fighting animal cruelty cases happened in Hubli, she is really a source of inspiration. Now, she is a known face and she receives more than 10 to 15 calls per day for rescues, guidance, and treatment of animals.

Besides this, she has also received the prize of-Elegant Sharp smile made me “Miss India South Beautiful Smile 2016”, a perfect example of beauty with brain, isn’t she?

She also bagged the 1st Runner up in “INDIE ROYAL MISS INDIA 2019″ which was held in South Goa and is “INDIE ROYAL PRIDE OF NATION ” 2019 subtitle winner.

In the year 2019, she was also Selected for miss Bharat 2018 And was 2nd runner up with tittle of Miss Bharat earth 2018.

Now, Mahi is mainly focusing on promoting and preaching to go vegan for balancing the ecosystem and lessen cruelty against animals. It will help us stay happy and give equal rights to all living creatures on earth. She is also the state coordinator for Karnataka for NO. Her love and kindness for animals have made her an active Animal activist in Hubli and participation in beauty competitions inspired her to become “Elite Miss India Adventurous 2015.”

She is no less than an inspiration for all Indian Youths who are working selflessly for animals and is a true source of inspiration for everyone. It’s a pleasure to know someone like Mahi Priyanka Kolvekar. She has proved herself worthy of all the titles she holds. She is definitely a wonderful woman with a beautiful soul and inspiring the youth of the country. May she fulfill all her dreams of rescuing and protecting the animals.

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