The Journey of Life As A Girl


I often reiterate the same thing that it’s a matter of proud to be born as a woman. And of course, it is! But the life of a girl is full of challenges from the very beginning not just because of the physical pains she has to suffer in the course of her life but also because of the pressure and restrictions society puts on her freedom. Without girls, this universe will end. They are the procreators and nurturers of a new life in this world. Still, in many societies like in our Indian society, the birth of a girl is often not celebrated the way the birth of a boy is celebrated. Even if there are parents who give all their love to their girls giving them the best of everything they can, still because of the attitude of the society towards them they have to suffer a lot. I only wish to change this attitude of society towards the girls letting them stretch their wings and fly high! Here’s a heartfelt poem by me to honor all beautiful girls and their lives!

The Journey of Life As A Girl

A beautiful soul is often blessed with a girl’s body,

When God is really happy with a soul He often gives it birth as a girl…

Girls are so pretty and delicate, looking like little angels playing in your home,

They are full of love and life,

They make their parents feel like king and queen as they’re their little princesses…

Home becomes lifeless when they are away even for a few hours…But life for them is often not so easy as they grow up,

They have to bleed every month n still smile n play…

Then why the hell are they called weak and boys strong?

They leave their Beautiful loving home an enter a home that they had never seen,

Treat the parents of the boy as her own parents,

Not getting much opportunity to see her own parents and siblings,

Still, a girl is called weak and a boy strong!

She gives birth to a new life after going through immense pain,

Still, a woman is said to be physically weaker than a man-mind blowing!

Without her this universe is incomplete,

Still, she is killed in the womb or abandoned in a dustbin

Because society does not want weak girls but strong boys

Why is our society so generous to boys and limiting to girls?

Is it scared if women get wings they’ll fly higher than men?

Yes, it is! (PS: our society is male-dominated!)

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