These 5 Old Women are Proving Age is Just a Number!



Women are often considered weaker gender who are not able to compete with their male counterparts in many fields. But in this 21st-century world, there’s not a single field left in which women lag behind men. Women are entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, pilots, army officers, active social workers, sports persons and winner of many National and International awards in all countries of the world! Not just young women but even old women have proved their talents. In this post I’m introducing 5 such Indian Women who are senior citizens by age but have proved that Age is just a Number and have been the winners of the prestigious Padmashree Award.

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Lakshmi Kutty


Popularly known as Grandmother of the Jungle, 75-year-old Lakshmi Kutty has been an angel for so many people. Lakshmi is a tribal woman living in a hut in the forest of Kallar in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. She is a champ when it comes to Medicinal plants and herbal cures. She has knowledge of more than 500 herbal medicines and is an expert poison healer (snake/insect poisons). She is a teacher at the Kerala Folklore Academy and also writes poems. She delivers lectures across various institutions in India on natural plants and their medicinal uses. She has been serving people with her medicines made from the medicinal plants more for than 40 years.

Lakshmi Kutty, recipient of Padma Shree Award, wishes to convert her small hut into a hospital, to serve more needy people. She is truly an inspiration for every woman young or old.

Sulagatti Narasamma


Sulagatti Narasamma is a lady who has delivered more than 1500 babies, free of cost, as a service to humanity. Narasamma, who is 97 years old has been serving for around 70 years. She has been giving the most beautiful gifts to mothers, their little ones, without charging a single rupee. It started when there were no hospitals in the small districts like Tumkur in Karnataka. She was just 20 when she delivered the first baby and since then, she has been selflessly helping thousands of poor mothers. Her work is being carried forward by nearly 180 pupils, who have gained experience from her work.

Sulagatti has been awarded the Padma Shri for serving people in areas where there was no medical facility. She is an ideal human being.

V Nanammal


Seriously none of us can imagine no visit to hospitals, no serious medical complications till the age of 98. V Nanammal is 98 years old Yoga Instructor who is completely fit. She has helped people live a life of purity and with full energy. Every day she gets up at 5 am and practices yoga that needs complete bending. She can still balance her body on her shoulders like any fit 18-year-old girl. Yoga is immensely popular in India and this old woman is a living example of its amazing benefits for a healthy life.

Nanammal has trained over 10 lakh people in Yoga, and out of these around 10,000 are Yoga Instructors spread across India. Her students have also won Gold Medals at International Yoga Championships. Even at the advanced age of 98, she trains over 100 students every day at her center in Coimbatore, India. Yoga and healthy food contribute for her long and energetic life. She has never tasted coffee or Tea and drinks only all natural drinks. No surprise she is a recipient of Padma Shree Award.

Subhashini Mistry


Subhashini Mistry has vouched that no one will not lose loved ones just due to the lack of Medical attention and facilities. She lost her husband, when she was young, had 4 children (youngest one 2 years) to feed and educate, over gastroenteritis due to poverty. Subhashini did not have enough money to give her husband the treatment and thus she lost the sole bread earner, her husband, and father to 4 little children. Though illiterate, she worked as a housemaid, shoe cleaner, a vegetable seller and saved money to serve the poor like herself.

She started a small hospital in her hut, with all her saved money. The hut got a proper concrete roof soon with the help of donations from people. She also arranged doctors to treat the poor at her hospital, free of cost.

Suhasini is 75 years old and has no luxuries to herself. Her doctor son and daughter own her hospital and treat poor free of cost. The smile on the face of patients when they are relieved is the only precious thing she possesses in her life.

She truly deserved the Padma Shree award that she received for her work.

Dr. Rani Abhay Bang


Rani Bang along with her husband Abhay Bang, have worked throughout for the social and educational betterment of the tribal people of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra. They first set up an organization – SEARCH (Society for Education, Action & Research in Community Health) for the survey of health conditions among the people of that district. With their startling facts on Gynecological disorders and child mortality. Their next action was the establishment of Shodh-gram. It is a tribal friendly hospital to provide health care facilities to the poor tribal people.

Rani and Abhay also campaigned against alcoholism and formed a group which worked for women and children to free them from the alcoholic abuse. These two doctors have dedicated their lives to the social service and indeed Rani Abhay Bang deserved the Padma Shree award.

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