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Here’s the real challenge for YOU women of the 21st century this women’s day. I will give you two action verbs that mean this need to be acted upon real-time and a being that should manifest in us in the world of women.

Strive to reach your potential while embracing your values.

See the good in every woman in your circle.

Be convinced that each woman is capable of change, compassion, and generosity.

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Women should compliment each other authentically and uplift each other instead of criticizing or degrading other women. So here’s how we can start doing this stimulating flattering remarks to each other:

Stop competing with other women.

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This is very important so I put this first on the list. Bloggers never waste their time to compete with other bloggers. We, bloggers, blog for the right reasons on our own unique niche. We know our subject, we have passion for what we are doing and we own it.

This is why you keep seeing me writing articles for my dear friend’s website Wonderful Woman of Deeksha Tripathi. I can even spell her name correctly without checking it out on Facebook if I write her name right.

So, ladies, never compete to other women. We have enough to fight against. Let us instead work together to bring out the best in our society where we live in.

Lead by example.

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Women make great leaders. Here I go again, I say this many times. No matter what is your status now, whether you are married, single, divorced or whatever! You can lead by example as long as YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. We all have goals and working towards it is a rollercoaster ride. You are in charge of your life, whatever detours may happen, just keep moving. In that way, women that surround or behind you can see how you deal with your own choices in life. And that will definitely inspire other women because you never give up or bothered to quit.

Support Each-Other.

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It’s our nature, human beings to help each other. As a cancer survivor and blogger, the mere sentiment that I chose this new career is to continue to raise awareness what other people has done already in the past. And by raising awareness, it does mean we want to help you not to be afraid for the rest of your life when you or your loved one is facing cancer.

If you’ve ever bumped into different Facebook forums, the most helpful groups that I had encountered so far are the cancer support groups. They’re there whenever someone simply wants to vent, share diagnosis, or celebrate of being free from cancer. Everyone sympathize and empathize.

It’s the worst circumstances that will most likely bring out the best in us. But of course, ladies, don’t wait until a tragedy or crisis arise to help others. Help and support each other in your own, little way.

Do not Judge.

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Our beauty isn’t defined by outward appearance or by gender. Regardless of how a person looks like, let’s simply admire that beauty.

Easier said than done, isn’t it? There is no point of judging other women. We are equal and should be empowering each other, not bringing each other down and making other women feel bad about themselves.

Lift others.

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You don’t need to be the most successful person first in order to lift others. A successful person lifts others no matter which venture in life she is rested.Lifting others could actually add years of happy, stress-free living to your life. Have you heard of this quote? “It’s better to give than to receive.” Here’s more fact that is supported by science. When being generous goes along with being selfless and it activates the pleasure centers of the brain, releasing endorphins. This chemical reaction, in turn, reduces inflammation, which cause a number of life-threatening diseases from cancer to heart disease.

Do you have your own unique way to empower other women in your tribe? I would like to hear more from you!

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Comments (6)

  • Lanae Bond 3 years ago Reply

    I love your post so much! Competition against one another is fruitless and prevents us from achieving our potential.

  • such a great post, we need more of this 🙂

  • safaritravelplus 3 years ago Reply

    I totally agree with you that we women should actually stop competing directly with one another. I think by nature most of us feel the need to compete with one another sometimes without even realizing it.

  • Ali Betts 3 years ago Reply

    What a great post! I totally agree. The more we can see each other and celebrate one another instead of seeing each other as competition the world will be a much better place!

  • Jen 3 years ago Reply

    Great reminder for women all over the world. Let’s be there for each other!
    Jen recently posted…Ways I’m Spring Cleaning our Finances this yearMy Profile

  • Louise O'Reilly 3 years ago Reply

    Wonderful blog! Yes, I do have another two ways that I empower women around me. I share all my knowledge with them and I always say something to encourage them or cheer them on. I want them to know I wholeheartedly believe in them!

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