Turning A Messy Break-Up Into An Inspiring Journey Guest Post by Skye Cardoz


We have read and seen many such stories where something which gave us immense pain and felt terribly wrong at one point proved out to be a blessing in disguise later on. Here is one more such story where a young girl who post her heartbreak decided to get a makeover with her long hair being cropped and went on to become a donor of her hair to cancer patients. Read this sweet inspiring story narrated by our guest blogger Skye Cardoz herself! Skye started writing romance stories online at the age of 16. She loves writing short stories and poems. She has a thing for writing a beautiful tragedy. She sometimes dabbles with writing full-length stories too.

Turning A Messy Break-Up Into An Inspiring Journey

My name is Skye Cardoz, and this is my story on how a simple act of rebellion sparked a domino effect.

Around 4 years ago, I had just got out of a relationship, and like all post-breakup traditions go, I decided to cut my hair short. I thought that cutting off my hair would help me start over. And I really wanted to start over.

A couple of days before I could make a salon appointment, I remembered that I had a friend in school who had donated her hair for charity. She had shaved off her head to make a wig for cancer patients. I looked at myself in the mirror that day and thought, “I have long hair too so I can do something good!”

I had done my research around NGOs in India who accept hair donations, and settled on one. According to the information on their website, my hair however wasn’t long enough then and it wasn’t up to “standards”. So I cut it short until all my hair was the same level and started over.

If you want to donate your hair, there are a few simple rules that you need to follow.

1. Your hair needs to be longer than 15 inches

2. Your hair can be layered, but the shortest layer needs to be 15″ long. Mine was super short.

3. You cannot dye or do anything chemical to your hair. (Though they are ok with black-dyed hair).

And for those reasons, I had to start over. This journey was perhaps the longest in my life. I grew my hair for around a year, I managed to grow 8 inches, but I had friends who kept discouraging me. The heat in the city was bad enough that I actually listened to them. I pulled the plug early on my donation act, cut my hair in fancy layers again, and got myself bangs too!

But eventually, in my heart, I did know that I did something wrong. I felt like I had given up on myself. I realised that I shouldn’t have listened to others. Donating my hair to those suffering from Cancer was something I wanted to do, and I shouldn’t have let others meddle. I decided to start over. I cut my hair until they were all the same level and started growing it again. 

This time I promised myself that I would never give up. I imagined a little girl getting extremely excited that she had a wig with beautiful curls. I imagined that she had wanted curls her entire life. I had to do this for her.

Two years on, in October 2017, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I finally did it! I cut off 15 inches of hair which I packaged safely and sent it across to the charity. My new look was so different from the beautiful long hair I had, but short pixie hair looked equally good on me. I felt incredibly satisfied with what I had done.

Of course, the battle had not ended. For a perfect wig to be made, the wig-maker needs hair from 5-6 other donors as well. So there would be a long wait.

When I published my hair donation story online, I received praise from my peers. They were proud of me and what I had done. But more than that, I didn’t even realise that I would be able to create a domino effect.

Shortly after I put out my story, two of my friends (who I hadn’t spoken to in a while) reached out to me and asked me how they could donate their hair. And one of them was a boy! It’s been over a year since he’s been growing his hair, but he hasn’t given up either. He is a few inches away from donating his hair, but he hasn’t let the strong heat get to him – he’s pushing on. (The secret is Aloe Vera gel – it grows hair faster). Both of my friends have beautiful hair and the person who receives them will be the happiest person ever!

Honestly, I also think that maybe there were a few people who may have seen my story and donated their hair as well.

I’m glad that I was able to bring about this positive change in their life. I encourage those with long hair who are looking to go dramatic with their hairstyle to look up tips on hair donation and find an NGO closest to you. My hair gives me the confidence to go out and face the world, so why shouldn’t I share a bit of my confidence with others?

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