What Wonderful Women Around the World Wanna Share This Christmas!


It’s the happiest time of the year-the one for which we wait year long! Weather is cool and everyone is in a festive mood. Taking a break from work, we all want to enjoy time with our friends and family. Christmas is a festival with a beautiful message behind it. It makes us all make a long wish list and get all that we have dreamed of having in the entire year. Kids eagerly wait for Christmas as they too expect to get lots of toys and candies this day by their secret Santas. But, Christmas is not just about getting, it’s also about giving generously as much as you can. Sometimes, little acts of kindness go a long way in changing one’s life. With this thought in my mind, I asked wonderful women around the world what they wanna share this Christmas! I was pleasantly surprised to see their heart-warming replies to my question. Let’s read what these beautiful ladies wanna give this Christmas to people around them.

Braveheart Cancer Survivor Cielo Superticioso from thecancervoice.net

It’s the time of the year again of giving gifts to our friends and loved ones. However, this Yule Season, I am giving away meaningful gifts to the Childhood Cancer Warriors together with the whole team of The Cancer Voice Vietnam.

PRICELESS gifts we want to give away this Christmas are:

OUR TIME – The Cancer Voice Vietnam has been so generous to share their time including all volunteers to show their care to the little warriors in the Oncology Hospital by attending our fundraising events & workshops.

OUR TALENT – Everyone is talented. And I am so grateful to work with the talented Vietnamese locals as well as expats for more than their own benefit.

OUR LOVE – I felt love is in the air on a daily basis each time I interact to my fellow volunteers online and offline. Their interest to help in The Cancer Voice project is felt and I appreciate the love they show especially to the little warriors.

Cheaper than material gifts yet it means so much more, especially to the community and to the children who are affected with cancer.

Fibromyalgia Warrior Elizabeth Auwarter from elizabethauwarter.com

This Christmas I want to give away grace. I have been given so much of it in my life, especially in regards to my Fibromyalgia. From teachers letting me turn in an assignment late to co-workers understanding my need to take time off for self-care, I have been met by so much understanding.

In the teaching profession, there is much judgment among co-workers, parents, even administrators, and, unfortunately, gossip is prevalent. This Christmas, I am committing, although I know my progress will be imperfect, to assume the best of people. When someone misses something in their job, instead of talking about them, which I am ashamed to admit I sometimes do, I will assume that they are trying their best. I will understand that people make mistakes, that perfection is a myth.

I will also give myself grace. This may prove to be a more difficult challenge than giving others grace. I struggle with negative self-talk, saying things to myself that I would never say to anyone else. This Christmas, I will give myself grace by remembering that I am not perfect, and that’s okay.

DIY Expert Deb from debsdecorativelife

During the holiday season, I like to donate to the canned and boxed food drives whenever I see one.

I like to give canned goods and boxed foods Photo our local post office food drive.  I also give to the local retail and grocery stores that collect food for the poor.

My husband’s building also has a canned food drive during Christmas.  I give my husband a bunch of canned goods to take with him to work.

I don’t like to hear about families struggling to put food on their tables.  I wish and hope that all people can get easy access to food if their family needs it.  No one should have to go hungry.

Adoption Loss Survivor Rebekah Louise from rebekahlouisewrites

If I could give away something this Christmas it would be a kindness. I would wrap it up in a shiny red box and add a huge gold bow to the top. The gift would be available to everyone, those who need an extra dose and those who struggle with even the smallest acts of kindness. The gift would be available all year long, I don’t think kindness should be limited to the holidays.

If kindness was a gift the world would be a happier place. Think of all those extra smiles, the small gestures that could make someone’s day. Then there are the bigger acts, not more important than a smile but they could change someone’s life for the better.

Happy Christmas!

Young Photographer Nini Prasad

#HopeforNewFuture #YouGiveChildrenRead #ThisChristmas

Well, Christmas is just around the corner and everyone’s getting ready for a holiday mood! Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. So on this day, I will be giving away books to the children who due to unfortunate circumstances and coming from a poor family background do not get a chance to go to school or get educated. My aim is to help the less fortunate ones. As every child is special and deserves the right to education. Let us support this cause and create a bright future for them and help fulfill their potential to the fullest.

I really loved all the things these truly wonderful women wanna gift people this Christmas to make the world a more beautiful and happier place to live in. I genuinely wish may we all get what we dream and desire this festive season. Please don’t forget to help underprivileged people realize their dreams whether it be of a full meal or warm clothes or new toys- do whatever you can to make someone smile and feel true happiness within! Don’t wait for Santa, be a Santa to someone! Merry Christmas!

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  • Dr.Geetha Nagasree 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks for the information that you shared with us. I would help a lot of people who are really suffering from cancer. I’m sharing this content with whom are really suffering from this cancer.

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    Wonderful and inspiring! ♥

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    What a fabulou post! (I found you in a FB group by the way).
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  • Deborah Kos 4 years ago Reply

    Deeksha, Thank you for letting me join in your “What Wonderful Women Around the World Wanna Share for Christmas” post. It is such a heart warming post. I teared up a little!

  • Chantal 4 years ago Reply

    This is a wonderful post. All these women are so inspirational! My favorite cause is the last one 🙂 I believe that knowledge is power.

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