Why Do We Need A ‘Women’s Day’?


International Women’s Day is round the corner. I know there are lotz of people out there who make much hue and cry about celebrating women’s day and give many arguements in against of it like:

1. When we don’t celebrate men’s day much then why is there this need to celebrate women’s day?

2. Women are already very strong and empowered and by using the terms like ‘women empowerment’ we insult women and their strength.

3. ‘I hate feminism and feminists coz they are all anti men.’

‘4. ‘I hate women as they are the biggest critics of other women.

‘5. Women should be treated as equals and giving them any perks like period leave or not assigning them any tough field duty is injustice to men and making women feel they are weaker.

Well well well! Let me clarify all these doubts if you too have them in some corner of your mind.

1. You and I living in cities might be fortunate enough to feel like women don’t need any special atrention, they can accomplish everything which a man can. So there’s no need to celebrate women’s day too. But the truth is that, men have been empowered abd privileged since ages while women have been subjected to a lot of discrimination and patriarchal set up; the same situation is still prevalent in many parts of India and world. So we do need to celebrate women’s day and give as much support as we can to women who don’t have right to live life on their terms.

2. True, women are extremely strong beings created by God. They are epitome of strength and courage. Without them, a man can’t survive. They are essential to his existence as mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Then why do we need to empower them?? It’s because the same man, who is incomplete without her subjects her to infinte pain and atrocities which are hard to bear. And there are women too who insult, ridicule and pull down other women out of sheer jealousy. So we need to give the message to the society, that it’s the need of the hour to bridge the gender gap and let women be free in their lives to do all that they want to do.

3. Ridiculous! Feminism simply means ‘Equality of rights and opportunities for all human beings whether they are women, men or trans’ who is against this raise your hand! Feminists in no way are anti men! This is the most bullshit thing I have ever heard. Feminists believe in gender neutral roles like letting men cry publicly without judging their masculinity for this or criticizing and calling them henpecked if they do household chores or raise kids.

4. I agree there are women who do tear apart other women mercilessly showing no compassion or empathy for them. While they themselves might have gone through all the pain and struggles a woman is suffering still instead of sympathizing with her they pick faults in her and call her a bad mom, or wife, or career woman. But this what we need to change. Instead of saying I hate women because of their this type of nature we should focus on our own selves. Like every other thing, this change too can happen only if we start praising and uplifting other women. Show live and compassion to fellow women and appreciate all what they are doing. Don’t be jealous and only compete with other women rather clap on their success and hold their hand when they fail. Soon we will have queens who will be fixing each other’s crown instead of pulling each other’s leg!

5. Women are tough and strong individuals who balance so many roles together in their lives daily. They work hard as home makers, working moms, single moms, and so many other roles they play every day. If they are exempted on their period days from any duty it’s not showing them they are weaker. It’s just showing a little care for them. If they are not being assigned any tough field duty men shouldn’t mind coz they don’t have to juggle between house chores, kids, taking care of in laws and much more. (I know a handful of men would be there who might be doing all this but majority definitely does not!)

I know many of you would still disagree with me and since we live in democracy just like me you too have full right to express your views. Do let me know what you think in the comments. Happy Women’s Day!

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