If Moms are Super Moms Fathers are Super Heroes!

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#Father’s Day Special

We have always heard people appreciating moms saying they are the ones who take care of the kids, and entire family like a superwoman managing all the responsibilities of the household. They never fail to fulfill the expectations of their kids and hubby working hard day and night for them. But if moms are doing their best for their families so are dads doing! It’s true that they aren’t so well versed in understanding the tantrums of children or pacifying them when they want a particular thing and won’t listen to anything until they have it. For the kids who don’t have a dad, a mom has to double up as a dad and a mom both. She becomes a superwoman as well as a superhero for her kids. Similarly, I have seen strong and doting fathers who in the absence of a mom double up as a mom and a dad both. So, let’s celebrate the fathers by expressing our love and gratitude for them this father’s day.

I’m the youngest of three daughters to my parents. In our Indian society, girls are often considered inferior to boys, and having all daughters means you have lots of burden on your shoulders s you’ll have to arrange money for their marriage. Besides, they are unsafe everywhere and you’ll have to protect them always. But I never saw my parents being sad as they had all three girls. In fact, my father always said, My daughters, are my boys. I’ll educate them and make them strong individuals. His love and support made us all confident and strong girls who made him proud. I realize now how important it was for me to have got my father’s care and encouragement as without it I must not have been where I’m today. All I can say to my dad this father’s day is, ‘Thank You, Dad! I’m so blessed that I got your support.’

I’m a mom to a five-year-old girl. Since the time I conceived, my husband got extremely fond of his baby. He made it a point that he provided the best care to his child. The day our girl was born, I was given anesthesia as I had a C section. For about a week, from that day onward only my husband was there to take care of our baby girl. He prepared milk for her, changed her diapers, and spent sleepless nights taking care of her. He continued doing all this even after I got back from the hospital and was able to take care of my baby. I always feel thankful to him for everything he did and still does for his daughter. My daughter loves her dad and like every girl, he is her first Super Hero who she believes can do anything for her!

I hope and wish all dads are celebrated the way moms are celebrated. I sometimes feel they are the unsung heroes of our life who need to be recognized and given their due share of credit when it comes to taking care of kids and raising them. They are the ones who often make big sacrifices for our small happiness and don’t even let us know that they are doing so! So, let’s clap for and cheer our Super Heroes-the dads this father’s day! Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there!

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