Why Indians Don’t See Beauty of Dark Skin Women?

dark skin women

Why Indians Don’t See Beauty of Dark Skin Women

India is a country with diverse culture, traditions, languages and people. People living in different parts of India differ significantly not just in their language and culture but also in their looks. Tall- short, fat-thin, dark-fair all kinda people can be seen in this country. We are in short, a nation with a mixed type of people. This is the beauty of India. But, in this diverse country there are many people who are obsessed with fair skin! This love for fair Skin is even being promoted by the so called  fairness creams and other fairness products! It’s really very disturbing and annoying to see people insulting dark skin women. All over the world, people admire and respect both fair and dark skin because each has its own beauty. Sadly, case is not the same in India.



Dark skin women in India are often made to believe that, they can achieve success in life by trying to look fair. They can get good job, good match for marriage, good opportunities in life only if they get fair skin! I don’t understand why the hell, success in life is attached to fair skin? Dark Skin Women have the same intelligence and potential as their fair counterparts have. The only difference we make i in their confidence level. On the one hand, fair skin women are made to believe that they are beautiful which is okay and on the other hand dark skin women are told that they are inferior and have to make efforts to “improve” their skin tone to look beautiful! This is so shameful. Consciously or unconsciously, parents, friends, relatives, neighbours or the society as a whole humiliate dark skin women. There have been a few extreme cases in which dark skin women committed suicide due to being frustrated by the frequent insults by their in-laws or friends.

dark skin women

No country in the world discriminates so much on the basis of skin colour as we Indians do. In fact, people don’t have time for such non-sense issues as comparing women on their skin colour and calling one beautiful while the other ugly. They give equal respect and opportunities to all women and those who have talent and potential reach the top in their field. Dark skin women have their own charm, attraction and elegance which makes them unique. Dark skin women become successful models, actors, sportswomen, leaders, businesswomen and bring glory to their country. Why do Indians force it on their women that only fair skin looks good? Why don’t they see the beauty and uniqueness of dark skin women?

The worst thing that is very popular in our country is “Fairness Cream”! You feel disgusted by seeing the advertisements of these creams! Fairness Cream ads show, a woman can gain confidence and achieve big things in life only if she applies fairness cream and gets a fair skin tone! How insulting it is to the beautiful dark skin women! These creams and the way they advertise show people only fair skin is key to all success in life which is totally crap! I request all these fairness cream companies, Please stop filling people’s mind with your rubbish ads! You are no one to tell which skin is beautiful and which is not! How dare you say dark skin women need to boost their confidence by applying your cheap cream? Stop making your useless creams and specially stop advertising them the way you are doing. It’s too hurting for charming dark skin women.

dark skin women

WonderfulWomen believes a woman’s beauty lies in her spirit. The acid attack survivors are beautiful as they have marks which show how brave and strong they have been. Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way whatever be the type or tone of her skin! Nobody is allowed to tell them what they should do to look beautiful. They are all wonderful and unique creations of God and feel proud to be who they are.


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