Why We Need More Ministers Like The Youngest PM of the World Sanna Marin?

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Sanna Marin took the Finnish Prime Minister’s office on 10th December 2019, becoming the youngest head of government in the world. Ms. Marin is leading a coalition government headed entirely by women. Recently she made news again with her revolutionary decision to advocate just four working days in a week. She also supported only six working hours per day. The reason behind it being very clear- she as a woman understands the importance of spending time with family and friends. Working overtime hampers a person’s social life making him/her more of a machine rather than a human being. I am really impressed by Sanna Marin’s viewpoint. In today’s generation, we definitely need more changemakers like Ms. Marin who can think beyond the increasing production of material goods and give due value to human life and relationships.

Sanna Marin who is just 34-year-old has shown the world what it takes to become a real leader of people who has chosen you as their minister. She is a young, independent smart woman presenting a role model before so many young men women out there who want to do something different in their lives. Ms. Marin was born on 16 November 1985. Her parents got divorced from each other when she was very young. She witnessed financial problems and her father struggling with alcoholism. After Ms. Marin’s parents got separated, she was brought up by her mother and her mother’s new female live-in partner.

Sanna Marin graduated at the age of 19 from the Pirkkala High School in 2004. She graduated in Master of Administrative Sciences in 2017 from the University of Tampere. Marin joined the Social Democratic Youth in 2006 and served as its first Vice President from 2010 to 2012. In December 2019, she was nominated by the Social Democratic Party to succeed in Antti Rinne as the Prime Minister of Finland. She was narrowly preferred over her rival Antti Lindtman in a majority vote. Sanna Marin hails from a rainbow family as she has been brought up by same-sex parents. She is the first person in her family to attend university. In January 2018, Ms. Marin and her husband Markus Räikkönen got blessed with a baby girl whom they named Emma.

Sanna Marin has raised a very valid point, a point which is often debated and that is- will it really help a nation grow if people there work very hard 9 to 5 every day 5 or 6 days a week? Well, many in support of working hard say it’s logical the more people work, the more they will help in the growth and development of a country. But this concept also receives equally hard criticism. There are many intellectuals who believe in the quality of work rather than the quantity of work. These people opine that if people get sufficient time to rest and relax, they will be able to do better work. Such work qualitywise will be far better than that work which is done by mentally exhausted people. Sanna Marrin also believes the same. So, as a young lady in the position of power, she has advocated 6 working hours per day for just four days a week for the people of her country. Ms. Marin said this will let people follow their hobbies and passion, spend quality time with their loved ones and be more productive individuals when it comes to working.

Sanna Marin has started a much-needed change in today’s rat-race based world. People in today’s society are all over-busy working day and night to earn more and more money to fulfill the wishes of their family, not able to spend time with the family. This is causing loss of human relations, love, compassion and empathy. People don’t have time for the most valuable things in life. As Chetan Bhagat once said, “Work hard but make time for your friends and family. Nobody remembers Powerpoint presentations on their dying day.”

Love you, Sanna Marin. You have shown the world what it takes to be a real leader! Way to go Ms. Marin. You are an idol for us, a role model for so many young boys and girls!

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