Why Women MUST Include Self-Love and Self-Care in their Dictionary!

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Enough has been said and discussed the importance of self-love and self-care in our lives. But it’s very important to discuss these two in the life of a woman. Women, as we all know, are made by God to be life-givers, nurturers, and caregivers. They are generally very compassionate, loving and empathetic by nature. Because of being so loving and caring they often miss to take care of themselves and feel guilty for sparing even a few minutes for themselves. Why do we women have this attitude towards ourselves? Why Don’t we realize if we don’t take care of ourselves, how will we take care of others? In my opinion, every woman must include self-love and self-care in her dictionary. Let’s find out some reasons why women underestimate the importance of self-love and self-care in their lives.

Being Over-Busy Taking Care of Others

Women, whether they are home-makers or working-moms, have to work their asses off all day long. Usually, they are the first ones to get up early in the morning. They start preparing breakfast and packing bags of their kids. They have to help their hubby and kids in getting ready to leave for office and school. In case, they are working, they too leave the home with them. If they stay at home, they have to arrange the home, cook food, clean the house, do laundry, and then go to pick up the kids from school and get busy with them once again till it’s the time for hubby to get back home. They don’t get time to relax and pamper themselves even if they plan a small nap while kids are awake, it’s next to impossible! Believe me, I can vouch for it! But, I feel, it’s time that all women realize it’s not a sin to take some rest in between their busy schedule and to shower some love on themselves the way they do it on others!

Being Unwilling

Because of overworking themselves, women get so tired that even when they do get some free time, they don’t like to take a relaxing shower, take care of their skin, hair and nails rather they just start planning for dinner, grocery shopping and stuff like that. This further makes them feel tired and exhausted. I suggest you all make some time for yourselves in your busy day and take complete rest in that time by either taking a power nap, or a shower, booking a beauty service for yourself like a much-needed pedicure-manicure, facial, hair spa, or body massage. It will help you in rejuvenating and feeling refreshed and relaxed. Occasionally you can also go for a shopping spree or movie date all alone or with your besties.

Feeling ‘It’s Okay to Ignore Myself’

I have seen many women who argue, who will take care of my kids and hubby if I start taking rest? Or If I spend so much money on myself how will I be able to maintain the budget of my family? Or it’s selfishness to take rest and order food from outside for my family! I feel, there’s no need to be so harsh on yourself. It’s absolutely fine if you do any of these things. It’s okay to love yourself, take care of yourself and pamper yourself. You are a human being first and then a wife and a mom. You have full right to chill and relax at times. Don’t be your own harshest critic. Don’t judge yourself all the time.

My advice to all you wonderful women out there is to indulge yourselves in Self Love and Self Care and see it’s the magical effect on your own mental health as well as on your relationships. When you are happy yourself, you can make others happy. When you are at peace you can handle easily the stress of everyday life. So, in order to be a good wife, mommy, or working professional first be a good person to yourself. Treat yourself well to be treated well by others and do include self and self-care in your dictionary!

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  • I don’t think peoppe realize how this is important! By taking care of yourself, you can become better at taking care of others AND yoir relationships improve. Thank you for reminding women why we need to relax and enjoy ourselves! Happy New Year 😊
    Roberta – adventurous miles recently posted…What I Learned In 2019.My Profile

  • Tiffany 3 years ago Reply

    Adding self-care and self-love to my routines has helped me grow exponentially, and my self-esteem and daily stress levels are oh, so very thankful. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Interested in doing collabs? xx

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