Why You Must Say I Love You To Your Mirror Everyday!

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It’s important to show yourself some love every day. Why depend on others to feel that you are special. Isn’t it good to realize your worth? You are someone absolutely unique created by God who deserves love, respect and care like anyone else. I know a lot has been said and written about self-love and self-care. But I felt the need to discuss this topic as it is something extremely important for every individual, especially women. Women generally are busy taking care of their hubby and kids. In this, they often ignore themselves. Taking care of your mental and physical fitness and being generous with yourself is crucial to your well being women. Start with a simple step. Say ‘I Love You’ to your mirror every day! This practice of showing a little love and appreciation to yourself will go a long way in making you believe in yourself and proving to you in your dark times that you are worthy of being loved and appreciated.

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Why Is Self-Love So Important?

There are so many young women out there who often start assuming that if they are loved by a guy and appreciated by him, only then they have some value. If no guy loves them it means they are not worthy of being loved. Thus, they put their whole worth in the hands of someone else. The way the other person treats them, they believe it is what they deserve. But this is completely wrong. You are always worthy of being loved and appreciated for being the person you are. With all your flaws in you, you are an awesome or what I love to call a ‘Flawsome’ woman! To feel this confidence within you that even if there’s no one who says I love you to you, you deserve to be loved, say I love you to yourself to prove your self-love every day!

Love is the most beautiful and purest feeling given by God to human beings. Animals too understand very well who loves them and who hates them. Love makes life beautiful; it gives you courage and strength to go in life even when there’s nothing positive in your life. So, give yourself the strength of self-love by showering love on yourself. Just smile, wink, give yourself a fly kiss, a warm hug and proclaim it I deserve to be loved and I am in love with myself!!

I think there’s nothing better than finding yourself worthy of being loved no matter what! Feel proud to be woman, feel proud to have loving, caring and compassionate heart easily forgiving everyone for their mistakes. Your heart which is capable of loving and forgiving everyone must hold love for yourself as well. You deserve self love and self care. You are not being selfish by showing love to yourself rather it’s something that you truly deserve! So, go and fall in love with yourself forever!!! Keep smiling and loving when you see your beautiful face in the mirror Wonderful Woman!

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