Wonderful Women Around the World Share What Mother’s Day Mean to Them!

wonderful women around the world share what mother’s day mean to them

On the eve of Mother’s Day I wished to know what this special day mean to women around the world. So, I asked some of my beautiful  blogger friends to share their views with me. I was pleasantly surprised to see how at a very short notice almost all of  them not only sent me their write-ups but they came out as wonderful as they themselves are! A huge THANKS to all the lovely ladies who spared their really precious time to share their views with me. Love You All! Here these lovelies express what Mother’s Day mean to them…!

Maya Lemaire from poweredcrowd


“To me mothers day is a day to say thank you to the person who brought you into the world. A mother is more than that however, for some a mother is not the person who brought them into the world but the person who raised them and gave them their time and kindness when they needed it. Personally on mothers day, I thank my mother for everything mentioned above and for the millions of other things my mother does for me all the time like doing a wash of clothes for me, talking things over with me, giving me advice etc… I am so blessed to have such an amazing and inspiring women and mother in my life so each year on mothers day I try my best to say how much I appreciate her and to show it by doing an act of kindness or giving her a gift. This year me and my sister are bringing her to a local tulip festival and packing a special picnic with music and art supplies. I think we should always tell the people we love how much we appreciate them but sometimes we forget. Days like mothers day are a great way to remind us or our blessings and say thank you.”

LaWann Moses Moses from  MochaMasterpiece


“Mother’s day to me means LOVE. This day is a chance to show mothers just how much they are appreciated. Moms spend so much time caring and loving everyone else and often our role is taken for granted or not given the well deserved recognition. Mother’s day is a chance to tell moms around the world “You are loved. You matter. thank you for all you do!”

Tammy Bronfen from one-daylife



“To me, mother’s day is every day! It’s about the little things. It’s about the contrasts and conflicting feelings. It’s about the insane love for your children that often comes at the expense of self-love. It’s about the messiness both in your surroundings and in your heart. It’s about feeling so full of love and vulnerability that you feel like you’re about to burst at any given time. It’s about anticipating your children’s feelings and actions. It’s about taking care of the crazy logistics like a D.J. or musical conductor so that everything runs relatively smoothly. It’s about running your hand through your child’s hair as they walk past you to show them you care. It’s about teaching your children to be empathetic and caring. And it’s also about how you teach them to be assertive and protect themselves. It’s about feeling like it’s all on you. But it’s also about not wanting to have it any other way. Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers out there!”

Alexis Artis from simplynichole


“To me, Mother’s Day is acknowledging and appreciating all of the mothers around the world for all their hard work, sleepless nights, and unconditional love they consistently give out. However, I believe that we should appreciate our Mother’s not only on Mother’s Day, but each and everyday as well.”

Arti Yadav from EscapeWriters

“To be honest I never celebrated Mother’s Day till now. We have read many stories about how Mother’s Love is unique, limitless and irreplaceable in this selfish world. I got to experience it myself the day when I gave birth to my twin daughters. A girl is now a mother who should be always there for her children and who will never be the same again as she was before. Because the title “Mother” makes you very confident and strong. A mother is the most irritating person for you as she will keep nagging about have you eaten or not, did you take water bottle while going out or not, what time you will come back at home and she wants you to make a call every day even if there is nothing much exciting to say. Believe me, we all rolled up our eyes when our mother behaves like that and it’s really surprising when you do the exact same things with your kids. So for many decades, Mother’s love is never changed. Maybe the name of Mothers can be different but all are same when it’s about their children.”

Mary Peterson Cook from thisindulgentlife


“Mother’s Day to me is a time to be thankful for the gift I thought I’d never receive, my son. It’s remembering the years I spent trying to get pregnant and the baby I lost that first made me a mom. So even when I’m about to explode from the non-stop whining and the cluster feeding I can remember how special it is that I even get to experience these frustrations at all… and then go hide in the bathroom to eat my chocolate in peace!”

Janice Martin from thesuccessfuldiva


“Mother’s Day is the day we can celebrate the hardest most loving job in the world. We mothers are raising an entire nation and that in itself should be celebrated every day. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Pallavi Bhat from mygirlypedia


“Mother – a word that reminds us of unconditional love, care. Also, i strongly believe that motherhood is not just about sharing blood. For me, motherhood is about a purest form of love. A love that makes a woman keep her kid as her priority 1. Love that makes her heart skip a beat when she sees her kid Happy. Your kid might be a two legged baby or four (some babies don’t have one too like fish), if you have filled your heart with enormous love and care for your kid, you are a mother. I’m thankful for my furry kid who makes me enjoy motherhood. I’m thankful for my mother who made me realize this wonderful fact that, anybody can give birth but not everybody gives life. Thank you mamma for making me who I’m today.”

Em Bambi from zebrasuitcase

Em Bambi

“I have had the luck to have two amazing women as mother’s, my birth mother and her sister, who have both raised me into the strong and positive woman I am today. Unfortunately, I have lost both of them in my early 20’s through cancer. I ache to talk to them and hear their voices every time I need advices, but I have been feeling their strengths inside of me every since they passed. I will miss my mothers for the rest of my life, and mother’s day weekend has been a way for me to honour their lives. To write about them, cook what they liked, watch their favourite movies, and feel like they’re not so far from me after all.”
Edifon Ossom from hottestsplash


“Mothers’ day is a special day to celebrate the special person that brought you to the world. Mother is love, sweet, kind, she is everything rapped up in one. Mommies are the best gift to the world and they are worth celebrating!”

Veera from veeraelisabeth


“The meaning of the Mother’s day is that I show (more than usual) how much I appreciate and love my mama! Me and my brother traditionally always bring breakfast for mom to the bed and give her cards and gifts on Mother’s day. But the most important thing is that we spend time (again more than usual) with her.”

Yogita Sharma from totaltrendy
“On Mother’s day, I want to wish all the mothers in the world including my beautiful mom a very happy mother’s day. Though I want to treat her every day and I hardly believe in these particular days, as she deserves to feel special each day, same like how she never fails to make us feel special with her constant efforts in our life starting from making me my favourite pulao, supporting me against anyone, teaching me to be a better person, lifting me up when I feel low and bearing with my moody behaviour (which I am slowly trying to improve). I just love how she teaches me to see life in a bigger perspective and act accordingly and not to think small, as life is about keeping relations, other things are just temporary. Being an introvert, I feel sorry to not share my feelings with her but I promise to share my feeling with my acts. Thank you for everything Mom.”
Edulany from awomansroutine

edulany cardosco

“I’m not a mother myself but every time I thibk about my mum all I see is strenght, love. Being a mother is showing love, is being a creator, is showing your godess. Mother is the most powerful a human being can be, you give life to other, you teach them how to live, how to survive, you can make them a good for the planet by teaching them value as empathy, love for others and for yourself. Being a mother is creating your roots and planting tour seeds in the world. Celebrating the mother’s day is celebrating love, power and most important showing love and gratitude to our mother’s and to ourselves.”
I myself feel Mother’s Day is just a reminder to all of us that we must our moms in every way we can by showing her our deep love and respect. True, we must do it every single day but sometimes in our busy lives we forget to express our emotions to our loved ones. So, these special days have been marked so that we remember to say to them ‘I Love You’ with our warm hugs and kisses. My mom is no more and I miss her badly on this day but I know her love and blessings are always with me. Love You mom! I wish all moms in the world a very Happy Mother’s Day!!
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  • Marjie Mare 5 years ago Reply

    Love that post, Mother’s Day to me is one day where the entire world is recognizing and saying thank you to mothers.

  • Beth 5 years ago Reply

    What a nice compilation of thoughts about Mother’s Day! To me, it’s a chance to treat mom extra specially, but I’m grateful for her (and tell her) daily. 🙂

  • Simmpi 5 years ago Reply

    Beautiful collection of celebration called mother’s day…all the wonderful women(moms and daughters)who have poured their heart here I must say thanks for sharing ur idea of mother’s day. God bless you all lovely ladies???

  • Latvian Wanderer 5 years ago Reply

    Nice and sweet post. Lovely written 🙂

  • Tammy Bronfen 5 years ago Reply

    Thank you for giving women a voice and thank you for including my own thoughts about Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day Deeksha!
    Tammy Bronfen recently posted…One Day with the Cocoa ChroniclesMy Profile

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